Can components be made to snap to guidelines or to each other?

As the title says, is there an option or script that does this? I’m making a font entirely of components, and snapping them to guides or to each other would work great.

I found this thread here at New feature suggestion: snapping to components - #4 by filipdesigniq where it looks like @mekkablue created a Bump Up and Bump Down script for something like that, but the scripts are not available anymore (I think).

There are some options to use anchors to align components. Can you give an example what you are trying to do?

I’ll send an example file to your address and explain. Thanks!

I had a look at your file. I don’t see a good way to use anchors, at least not with the way the components are structured.
What you can try to do is setting up a grid (like 10/10) and make the parts in a way that they always fall on a multiple of 10. that way it is at least easier to arrange the components.

And the structure that used very small pieces (‘tail15’) and bigger ones (terminal_LC_bottom_L). I would divide the shapes in rectangular regions and build components accordingly. Your ‘i ’ is symmetrical, so cut it vertically in the center. The find some good horizontal cuts and divide it there. Then it works a bit like a pixel font. I know that there are more complicated shapes that don’t fit with this approach but there you still can use modules.

Oh, I did make components (modules) made of components (leftside_O and leftside_o, for instance). The file I sent is just a part of a file that is much bigger, with multiple weights, some of them close to final.

Going back to edit the components so they always fall on multiples of 10 is not a real option in this case, that’s why I was asking if snapping components to guides or to each other is possible.

OK, maybe you will consider implementing this in a future release. It would help a lot.