Can Export Latin-based Font, But Not Hebrew-based

I tried clearing my cache as described here: I gave them both two different family names. The Latin-based font shows the letters, but when I export the Hebrew-based one, I get an empty file. I tried to switch to Hebrew as my computer language, too.

I have them both on the Google drive, let me know if you can access it?

Hestia’s Google Drive

I discovered I CAN type in it–but it shows up as nothing on my Microsoft word:

You need to post specific links to your files, otherwise we can’t see them.

I’ll have a look. What are you actually trying to do?

Thank you for looking, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: I’m trying to get Microsoft to recognize it as a font on the drop-down menu.

I mean why do the font that way. It doesn’t seem to be Hebrew or Latin.

The link is wrong. Can you share the file?