Can Glyphs be used on a monitor tablet?

Does anyone do type design work on a monitor tablet, like a Wacom Cintiq or another brand ? I am considering buying one and was wondering if anyone could share some experiences.

And I was wondering if Glyphs can be used on a monitor tablet ?

There are some people what use a normal Wacom. There were (are?) some problems with it as the drivers don’t produce the correct events in the right order.

There is an app that can show the content of you screen on an iPad. if used on a iPad Pro, it is kind of like a Wacom screen. The input with the pen works suprisingly well but the problem is that you have your hand in front of the screen covering half of it. So it is difficult to judge what you are doing.

Depending on the kind of job I am doing, I vary between the mouse and a normal Wacom.

I wouldn’t use the monitor tablet for the very fine work, that would be much better and effective with a mouse and the arrow keys. But when sketching, or putting up stuff, the monitor might be an interesting option.

Off course you will get your hands in the way, but wouldn’t that happen as well if you were drawing on a piece of paper ? Like in the ‘old days’ :grinning:

I believe it is not Glyphsapp’s responsibility to provide support for Wacom or any other Graphic Tablet because Glyphsapp is not a drawing software.

I have a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro ( A cheap cintiq alternative ) installed and connected. I do not use it with Glyphs, but the drivers do not seem to interfere in any way.