Can Glyphs put a Deva Rupee into locl?

In Glyphs 2 is there a name I can use for a Devanagari version of rupeeIndian (rupeeIndian-deva doesn’t work) so that Glyphs automatically adds it to ? Specifically I want it in dev2 the same way space-deva is handled so that I don’t have to manage entries for Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali (and I can let Glyphs handle my LOCL code!).

I added a new feature. Now you can add a locl(script) suffix like this: rupeeIndian.loclDeva (full four characters, add underscore if the script tag is to short)

Fill it up to at least 4 characters, e.g., for Arabic, ".loclAr__" with two underscores? And longer script tags are not truncated, e.g., ".loclGeorgian"?

I though about using the four letter script tags (like with the there letter language tags).
That would be: loclArab and loclGeor
Or should I use the full script name, like Arabic, Georgian…
The use of upper/lowercase should reduce ambiguity.

Thanks, Georg. I’ll test this when you push out the next update and let you know what happens.

I would welcome this update. I’m trying add localized versions of ogonek glyphs for Navajo at the moment, and having difficulty getting this to work.

Tom, I did some testing with non-Latin stuff in LOCL and ran into problems with the way layout engines handle script itemization. You can read more at: -with-opentype#latest

I recommended that Georg not add this feature because it’s likely to generate a lot of support requests for problems that aren’t really Glyphs problems.

What kind of issues are you having?

I created Navajo variant ogonek glyphs with a .loclATH suffix, e.g., aogonek.loclATH
When auto-generating features, the locl feature should include the .loclATH glyphs for language ATH.

For those applications that may not have a UI localization for Athabaskan (includes Navajo and others), yet, I also add a stylistic set that a user can use that has rules to substitute the ogonek vowels with their Navajo variants.