Can GX / variable font export interpolate between 3 masters? Getting unexpected interpolation results

Hi Georg, Rainer, and all,

I’m giving GX font exporting a go, and I love it so far! However, I was only able to get it working on a simple test, and now that I’ve slightly increased the complexity, it’s not working how I expect it to.

The problem: I’m exporting to GX from a very simple two-glyph type file that has three masters, and the variable font preview is very ugly in the middle, as if my masters were reversing path directions (at least in Google FontView). The weird thing is, I’ve checked that my master outlines are compatible, and when I “generate instances” between them, nothing unexpected is happening with the outlines.

Here are my masters:

Here’s a sample of the unexpected Variable Font outlines:

Here are generated instances:

Can GX not export from 3 masters, or might I be doing something wrong that I haven’t noticed?

Thanks so much for any help!


Yes it can. Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

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Posting the simple answer here in case anyone else searches around for this. From the support email:

It seems that the instances need to be ordered with ascending weight values. Drag the Masters in Font Info to look like this:

(Before, I had my masters arranged from Extra Bold to Medium to Thin).

Thanks for the speedy help, @mekkablue!

There is one more unexpected piece of rendering I’m running into, though I’m not sure whether to post it here or in a new, separate thread.

The three master weights are now sliding between stroke thicknesses in FontView as I would expect, but the letter widths are not changing, so that letters in the thicker weights are overlapping rather than growing the overall line length, as they should.

In the gif you provided with the New Features in Glyphs 2.4 release notes, your line length changes along with weight. Is there some setting I might still be missing?

Let me know if you’d prefer me to separate this into a new thread. Thanks so much for any pointers!

That works as expected for me. Please try the latest cutting edge version. It fixes a few things.