Can I add some dlig feaures to liga?

I tried copy/pasted the 2 lines into the {liga} window but I get an error saying “Improper Paste”

What did you copy? What happen if you paste in a text editor?

I copied 2 lines from the Glyphs feature “liga” and pasted it into the glyph feature “dlig”. There was no other software involved, just Glyphs to Glyphs.

Is the issue that the feature is set to generate automatically?

Yes. But if I uncheck it, will all the features go away?

No, unchecking the ‘auto’ button is save.

Best practice:

  1. rename the ligatures in question: add a .liga suffix, e.g. a_b.liga
  2. automate the liga feature (checkbox) and/or press the update button

See the Ligatures tutorial for more tips and tricks.

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I did that and it now works fine, thanks!

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