Can I change behavior of convert node (with Return key)?

This is literally the only thing I don’t like about version 3—that Glyphs automatically smooths nodes for me when I convert from corner to smooth with the return key. It guesses wrong about what I want 50% of the time (predictably, I suppose), messing up my outline. To deal with this, I’ve been copying outines to the background before converting nodes so that I can quicky put things back in place. A minor annoyance, but it comes up every few minutes when I’m working on certain features.

Is there any way to restore the behavior of version 2 (I can’t find anything in preferences)? Or an alternative command that will convert the node without moving the handles?

There is a setting but no UI for it. Run this in the Macro window:

Glyphs.defaults["GSMakeSmoothNodes"] = False
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Brilliant! That is perfect. Thanks, Georg!