Can I express in HTML a character that doesn't have a Unicode value? And is there a way to export this value from Glyphs App

OK — so this really doesn’t have a lot to do with Glyphs… but I thought this community might have unique knowledge in regards to it.

Is it possible to express in HTML a character that doesn’t have a Unicode value?
It would be fine as HEX, HTML Code or Entity, or anything a browser can read.

I good example of this would be expressing OpenType features without using CSS. I believe that in the font the target character would be exported as y.ss01 but isn’t assigned a Unicode value. I’m not clear if that is 100% accurate.

I also made a stack overflow issue incase thats preferred. Thanks for anyones time.

According to this StackOverflow thread, it’s not possible, but I’m not an expert on the powers of pure HTML. I would, though, be surprised if it was possible.

Why are you intent on avoiding CSS?

I tried that some time ago and it is not possible. Only with base glyph + opentype feature.

Shoot, thanks for your confirmation.

WHY: I’m trying to simplify the way we display and maintain glyphs on foundry sites by reducing the barrier to entry for non typographic devs, and remove the need for processing font files to verify feature/glyph lists.

Maybe you could give them PUA unicodes?
Any OT feature would still work, but with the code you can access them in HTML.

Why is that a reason not to use OpenType/css? All hacks that you come up with will be much worse.

Thats what I’ve come to.