Can I hide the incompatible outlines marker?

It would seem that View > Show Master Compatibility should do this but it doesn’t. Specifically in edit view, the red stripe at the top of the glyph is pretty annoying because it can obstruct an alignment zone. I don’t think it needs to be visible all the time, especially when I haven’t even drawn all masters yet so I know there’s obviously going to be an incompatibility.

If you delete all instances (or make sure that it doesn’t need to interpolate) it would disappear.

  • Deactivate all instances between incompatible masters
  • Temporarily increase the Ascender value
  • or use the script Fill Up Empty Masters

Deactivating instances didn’t work and I don’t really want to delete them. I guess I’ll use the script, but if I may leave a suggestion, it would be great to just have a toggle to turn the marker on or off.