Can I install the software on iPad-Pro?

Hi Hello!
Can I install the software on iPad-Pro?

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You mean Glyphs? No. It only works on MacOS.

And do not you have an iPad app?

No. There is the preview app that shows the text from Glyphs.

To do proper type design a keyboard is so useful that the effort to build the app for iPad is not worth it. And we have limited resources already.

If you have both a Mac and an iPad, you can use Glyphs on the iPad screen using Astropad or Astropad Studio. It works similar to a Wacom Cintiq, except it also works wirelessly.

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I want to buy an iPad can I install your app?

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Hi @MarkSimonson,
just saw your remark. This sounds very nice. Does it work well ?

Is it using bluetooth ?

It does work well. It can use either BlueTooth or USB. USB allows the screen to update faster, but both methods are fast enough in actual use. There are lots of videos on YouTube about it pros/cons, vs Cintiq, etc.

That said, I don’t use it for Glyphs myself. Working with Bézier paths is easier and more precise with a mouse for me. And I like working on a huge screen.

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But it sounds like a good way to sketch, do rough stuff etc. Logos.

Thanks !

I have been using it on mac os. Is it now supported by ipad???

It is still a mac app, so you can’t install it on a iPad. You can use Astro-Pad do stream it from a mac to your iPad.

thanks @GeorgSeifert
If there is a ipad app, it will better.
Mac is ok, I am now using it

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