Can I omit characters on export?

Hey everyone. I have a handful of glyphs in my font that I’m using for parts, but I don’t want them to export with the font. Is there a way to easily do this? For instance a lot of my characters with accents and diacritics have been modified from the base character. So I created additional glyphs so I could use them as components. I can decompose each one I guess, but thought there might be a better way.

There is a ‘export’ checkbox in the lower left in font view. If you uncheck it for those glyphs, they will not be exported.

Awesome. That seems easy enough. Thank you @GeorgSeifert. I found the “Remove Glyphs” parameter in the instances pane after my post. Is this pretty much the same as the checkbox or is the checkbox a better option?

The parameter is meant for situations where you need to remove different glyphs in different instances. So you should use the checkbox.

Super duper! Thanks for the quick info.