Can I use photos as Glyphs?

I’ve designed a typeface in Illustrator and I now need to take it into Glyphs but it seems a lot of hassle to redraw all the letters. Is there anyway I can use the individual Illustrator image files to represent their corresponding letters in Glyphs without the need to redraw them? Thank you.

Instructions here:

The most important thing Erich says is right here in this quote:


While redrawing may seem a big hassle, I can assure you that once you get the hang of things in Glyphs, you will fly through the process in no time and even end up with far superior curve quality. It’s absolutely worth it. You’ll even get to the point (after about five minutes) that you will never want to use Illustrator again :slightly_smiling_face:
Also consider the possibility (depending on the design) that you can use components in Glyphs, meaning you draw a part of a typeface once and can reuse it in multiple glyphs (the counters of b, d, p, q come to mind).


But you might be able to just copy paste the outlines over: