Can I use scroll wheel w/o command key?

I use the scrolling wheel for zooming in and out in other applications. Not sure why typical UIs were defaulted to up and down, perhaps to follow Adobe’s model, but I work more easily without having to press the command key. Is there some setting where I can change this?

That is mostly cause the higher level of the mac API will give the same results when moving two finders on a trackpad up and down or when using a scroll wheel on a mouse. So both actions trigger the up and down panning.

I see. There’s no getting around some parts of the OS!

I could write a some custom code to detect the exact input device and respond accordingly.

Then Glyphs would behave differently than most other design app I own.
Add it could break with each update of macOS and with some other input devices.

Apple makes 3rd party developers nervous wrecks.

As long as you are sticking to high level API you are mostly fine :wink:

I’m curious . I use a CAD application that has always zoomed with the scroll wheel and still does. This is also the case with Autodesk for Mac applications. Are there different APIs for modeling objects from graphics?

The CAD apps use a very different interaction model that graphic design app.

What happens in CAD when you move two finders on a trackpad up and down?

Ah, that’s it - one can only use one window at a time. So this would be a nuisance in the graphics app. Now I get it. Thanks - an simple explanation!

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