Can not edit exported .ufo file

I have a .glyphs file

I export this .glyphs file as a .ufo file

I the open this .ufo file in glyphs but cannot edit it at all. Letters are changed to light green in edit mode
some are missing completely in edit mode but appear on the main screen.

Has anyone else had similar issues with this?
any help is much appreciated, thanks

Which app and OS version?

Light green sounds like a reporter plugin. Can you disable all and try again?

Glyphs Version 2.2.2 (827)

Mac OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

Georg, i am not sure what you mean by "disable all"
do you mean to delete these plugins? thanks

I have disabled the reporter plugins (unchecked them in the “view” menu)

Thus has solved the issue

Thank you for your assistance