Can’t copy/paste kerning

I’m having trouble copy/pasting kerning. Every time I attempt to paste I get the error shown below about kerning already existing in the destination group, which it does not. When I choose overwrite nothing happens. How do I get the paste to work?

It exists in the master and will be overwritten there. What exactly are you trying to do?

I forgot to create a kerning class for Lcaron, which also has a swash variant. So I want to create a kerning class for the swash variant, copy the kerning from Lcaron to @Lcaron, add Lcaron to @Lcaron, then delete the old Lcaron kerns.

  1. Go to your Lcaron and type Lcaron in the Right Kerning Group field.
  2. Double click the (beige) Lcaron entry in the Kerning window, and type Lcaron, confirm the dialog (click on Rename).