Can’t export font after updating Glyphs

I’m getting the following error after updating Glyphs today:

The font contains glyphs with duplicate production names:
dotabove-ar.layer0, dotbelow-ar.layer0 ((null).layer1)

No idea what these names are coming from, I don’t see anything like this in the .glyphs file.

Is this an OTVar (with bracket layers) or COLR export?

Can you send me the file?

A COLR font. What email address should I send the font to?

Can you please send the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). We will have a look.

The .layerX glyphs are the COLR glyphs. The Color layers have to be split into separate glyphs, the COLR table manages the layering and color of the glyphs.

Sent file.

I followed the tutorial on COLR fonts, and I know how the table works internally, The font was exporting fine before upgrade.

I fixed it.

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Thanks. Any timeline for the fixed version?

I updated to beta and the issue is fixed now, thanks!

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