Can’t open Glyphs anymore …

“The last time you opened Glyphs, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?”

Non of the choices works. It started when I added LocalizedStyleName.


The app crashes reopening the document. The “Don’t Reopen” button is sadly not preventing the opening of the document. You can remove the (Autosave) file and try to restart.

Sorry, but that dosen’t work … is there an other way?

I managed to fix it by starting an older version (2.2x)

Can you send me the file that crashes (to support at this domain).

Where does Glyphs (or the system) keep the information about which were the last-opened files? Is there no way to prevent the reopening of files at startup?

Files that where never saved should be at ~/Library/Autosave Information/.

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Updated the Crashes tutorial with this info.