Can’t open UFOs in other UFO applications

hey georg,

sorry to bother again. exporting a UFO from Glyphs now doesn’t lead to an »empty« file, however i still cannot open the UFOs in other applications (Metrics Machine, Prepolator etc.)

For example, Metrics Machine tells me: »Invalid value for attribute postscriptSlantAngle (’-0’).«

ahh, i have the latest version of Glyphs (1.3.19)

thanks for your help!

You can fix the UFO by opening it and editing the font info file. Remove the “-” at postscriptSlantAngle.

i’m afraid that doesn’t work. whenever i try to change the postscript slant angle in the font info from -0 to 0 Glyphs tells me:
-[__NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil value (key: com.schriftgestaltung.weight)


can you send me the .ufo and the .glyphs file?

Georg Seifert
i just did, thanks for having a look

Fix it. Thanks for you help.