Can’t place hi res images

I have images with 4800 dpi, and when I dragged them into edit view, nothing happened, same when going through Add Image dialog. The pixel size was not big, about 800px. At first I though it was a format or color mode problem, but the only thing that helped was reducing the resolution to 144 dpi, like the screenshots that worked. Is it a bug or a resolution limit? What is the limit?

What do you require 4800 DPI for? :astonished:

You say that you have 4800 dpi but only 800 ox? (That mean the image is around 4 mm.)
I never tried a resolution like this but I would still use a lower dpi. 800 px shouldn’t be a problem.

4mm sounds about right, it’s a scan of small type. I need the 4800 dpi on input to get the details. After that dpi doesn’t matter, it’s just annoying to make an extra step and I wasn’t sure if it’s a bug.

You can change the resolution without changing the pixels.
Can you send me one of the images that I can try?

I know, that’s what I meant when I said the dpi doesn’t matter afterwards. I’ve sent you the file.

There is something happening. Have a look at he lower left at the origin of the glyph :wink:

Oh shit :sweat_smile: But couldn’t the image get selected so you can change the size right away?

That is a good point.