Can virtual masters work for _corner components?

I have a two master setup (weight axis) and am trying to implement several alternate inktraps via _corner components without having multiple near-identical masters with variation only in _corner components.

Virtual masters seemed like the perfect answer but they don’t seem to work for _corner components.

In a standard component an Intermediate layer provides access to the expected axis:

But in a _corner component an Intermediate layer shows only width and height:

Left me a little confused.

Is there a way for virtual masters to work with _corner components?

Or is there a better approach achieve this kind of setup?

Little nudge on this. Would be really good just to know if _corner components can be modified on a virtual master axis.

This is not how corner components work. The idea is that they often need to adjust differently when scaled, e.g. to preserve the thickness of a serif when scaled vertically. That’s why they have their own design space with width and height. It’s not documented because the implementation is still buggy and it doesn’t always work the way you’d expect it.

However you may get away with it: set up a master at 50/100 and make your adjustments there, then scale your corner components in the virtual master to that value.

Super useful to know. Will give that a go. Thank you!