Can you limit variable font's axis?

Is there a way to limit the axis from 800-1480 not all the way to 0

And I would like to know how to make the axis goes by specified steps. Like make it move by 40

You mean your masters are set up from 0–1480 and you want to ignore the lower half? That is not possible directly in Glyphs but there are tools that can subset a variable font.

There is no way to quantises the values like this.

You could add masters at these points (best through the instance as master command, and in a variable font setting, disable masters you don’t need with the custom parameter of the same name. You need the latest cutting edge and YMMV.

Check out Slice. Otherwise, as Rainer described, you will need to add masters at the coordinates you want to limit the export design space to (Be careful to keep it a square design space when working with multiple axes!).

Rainer: Working with the Disable Masters custom parameter doesn’t seem to function too well, at least for multi-axis setups (3124). I get “Glyphs are not compatible: .notdef, AE, B, C, …” although all glyphs are fully compatible. In one project, I disabled all masters except for the ones at Compressed width, so as to export just a Compressed subfamily. If you want to try for yourself, you know which project I am talking about :wink:

Edit: I think it has something to do with special layers. The problem seems to arise when I disable masters whose coordinates enclose alternate layer coordinates.

Another question is how to define a custom Variable Font Origin with this method. Is this possible?

@Prize You can try out this script: glyphs-scripts/ at master · eweracs/glyphs-scripts · GitHub

It is highly experimental. It tries to take care of special layers, but will break depending on your setup, as it was coded for once specific project. Please let me know what issues you run into and I will try and adapt the script accordingly. Thank you!

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Disabling masters will fail if you have special layers (brace or bracket).

Why/when exactly? Only when the removed master coordinates enclose the coordinates of the special layer (also intermediate? Not just alternate?)?

And why does it say that glyphs even without alternate layers are incompatible? Is this just an error report error, and it just reports the first x number of glyphs as incompatibe?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I already solve that problem but got a new one haha. I can’t export the font after add the Wide Vibrato master can you take a look? I can’t attach file.

You can attach .zip files. Or post a link to Dropbox.

The layer might be a bit messy though.

Hmm. I’m not sure I understand your project intention, but maybe this could help you reduce the amount of masters (and intermediate layers!) you are burdening yourself with (the section on Vitual Masters): Creating a variable font | Glyphs

I’m not good at english so I’m quite confused and don’t understand a lot. And do you know why there is an error? and how to fix it? I can’t figure it out

That is a massive setup. Not sure I understand what you are trying to do.
There are some empty masters (e.g. in the E glyph, the Ultra Condensed x-height high). That makes the glyph incompatible and prevents export.

But my A has an error after add an extra stroke like an echo. Can we add extra strokes or roughen filter into variable fonts? Not sure if I explain it right. Like from 0-100 will have an echo strokes come out as the axis goes on. As you can see in Wide vibrato instance

You cannot add filters to variable fonts, as these will change the outlines and make compatability impossible.

What about an extra strokes? And is there anyway to have the same result as add filters?

What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to add another variation that when the axis goes on the extra strokes goes further

and another one is make it rougher when strokes goes on