Can you make a primary master?

I’m currently working on a typeface that will have the same glyphs for every master, the only thing that will change is the ‘pixel’ component, thus changing the whole master. Is there a way to have one primary master, that’s copied onto every other master?

I’ve attached a GIF that gives an example. (Only works on refresh)


I have not tried this, but this should be doable without additional masters.

Instead, create multiple pixel glyphs. In one of you instances, add a custom parameter to remove all pixel glyphs except the one named pixel. Add additional instances in which you replace the main pixel glyph by an alternative pixel glyph and then remove the other pixel glyphs, again using custom parameter.

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Could you give me a small example of how the custom parameters/the additional instances that replace the main glyph would work?

Florian means the two custom parameters Rename Glyphs and Remove Glyphs.

For any one instance, add these two custom parameters (in that order) and add, for example, pixel_1=pixel_2 to the Rename Glyphs custom parameter. Add the other pixel glyph names to the Remove Glyphs parameter. Note that you need to write pixel_2 into that parameter instead of pixel_1, as those two will already be swapped beforehand.

This, of course, doesn’t work for variable fonts. Look into Virtual Masters if you want to build this in a variable font.

Oh yeah I wanted this to be variable, I’ll look into Virtual Masters, cheers!