Cannot add shortcuts for RMX

I have a problem with custom shortcuts for RMX not working. Glyphs (3091) crashed while using RMX Tuner. After restarting Glyphs my custom shortcut (shift+cmd+t) had disappeared. Now I can assign the shortcuts for RMX filters but only Scaler works, and when I restart Glyphs the shortcuts have disappeared. I tried removing and reinstalling RMX; now when I try to add a shortcut for RMX sometimes it just plays the system error noise and sometimes I can add the shortcut to the menu but the shortcut disappears as soon as I close the the menu.

My shortcut for reusing the last used filter (cmd+r) has also disappeared. This one is not in the list of filter shortcuts so I can’t even try fixing it.

Was the Tidy Up Paths shortcut changed? In Glyphs 2 it’s opt+cmd+shift+T. But now it’s showing up as shift+cmd+T, which is what broke my shortcut for tuner. I was able to get rid of the Tidy Up Paths shortcut and now my shortcut for RMX Tuner is working again. What’s strange is that my cmd+shift+t shortcut for Tuner has worked from the release of Glyphs 3 until yesterday.

Yes, in Glyphs 3, Path > Tidy up Paths was changed to Shift-Command-T. Adding the Option key for Option-Shift-Command-T selects Path > Tidy Up Paths for all Masters. This is to add some consistency for the other …for all Masters options.

If you select the Path menu to show the menu items, you can press the Option key to see how those menu items change. Same for menus in most macOS applications.