Cannot auto save

When I open and start editing a font, I get an error message saying Glyphs cannot autosave the font file. I have to do a Save As, then Save works as it should after that. I assume it’s a Sandbox thing. Is there a work-around that will allow Glyphs to autosave, or to at least turn off the error message?

I’m using Glyphs 1.3.16 under OS X 10.8.2

did you open the fonts from the “Open Recent…” menu or directly?

I opened them by right clicking and selecting Open With.

What file did you open? A .glyphs file or a .otf file?

An otf file. Out of curiosity, instead of launching Glyphs and opening a font by right clicking on it and selecting Open With, I started Glyphs and then used its file selector to open an otf file. Same thing. While working on it I get an error message saying it can’t auto save it and to duplicate the file by saving as.

Once you do a save as, it auto saves as it should.

The error message is quite annoying, I know. But that was the only way of keeping Mountain Lion from deleting your original .otf file. Usually it would “upgrade” the file to a .glyphs file. This is a bad hack, I will try to improve this but for now, please just duplicate the file.

It isn’t THAT annoying. Now that I understand why it’s happening it is certainly preferable to having my font deleted unintentionally. I’ll tell you what is getting THAT annoying…Mountain Lions quirks.

Thanks for the explanation Georg.