Cannot check node type

My Nudge Move script stopped working recently, particularly the bits where I check node types. I looked at the documentation and there is no longer mention of node types by numbers (e.g. oncurve = 65) but only “oncurve.” I tried both but it doesn’t work. Is it broken here or am I doing it wrong?

The return value of node.type has changed. You NEED to use the constants (GSLINE, GSCURVE …) defined in GlyphsApp instead if using the actual value.

Thanks, but none of them work (65, GSCURVE, CURVE, “curve”). Also now that I need to change all codes that check curve type, I want the documentation to refer to the old numbers as well.

In older app versions, you may need to add something like from GlyphsApp import GSLINE, GSCURVE, GSOFFCURVE.

Thanks, but the problem is that none of them seem to work in the newest version.

My script now seems to work again, but I’m raising this again as a request to put the numbers in the previous implementation in the to remind us which was which. Please do not make me guess. Also in that page, it actually doesn’t say GSLINE and such, the actual words that you use in the code.

GSOFFCURVE used to be 65
GSCURVE used to be 35
GSLINE used to be 1