Cannot Export Complicated Font...SOS

Hi guys

I created a font out of a pattern I made from a bunch of overlapping loops. I’m trying to export it and am running into so many problems… (The glyph “B” contains a lot of nodes (20595). This can’t be exported.)

I would really love to figure this out within the week. Heres a google drive link to download the glyphs file (it won’t let me upload it directly because I’m a new user):

Thank you so so so much in advance…This is really driving me crazy


Check this tutorial :

I’ve already referenced this, disabled subroutines, and when I do that it says that it can’t remove overlap from certain letters. I can’t even do it manually, somehow the remove overlap feature wont work…

You need to reduce the number of nodes. 20.000 nodes is simply too many.

You need to somehow remove the overlap. The Algorithm in Glyphs is not meant for so many node (I’ll see if I can improve this :wink: ).

But, you can copy paste it into Illustrator and use the path finder there. Then copy paste it back. That reduces the number of nodes to a manageable number (10.300).

So you go from this:

to this:

You see there are still some issues marked by the red dots. First you can do Path > Tidy up Path. The rest you should clean up manually. You need to go through all remaining red dots. Mostly it means clicking on it and hitting delete to get rid of on of the close by nodes.

In some place the original outlines were slightly misaligned and that is now causing those duplicate nodes.

The outlines are set up in a confusing way:
I double clicked the outer most path and moved it off a bit. So you can see that there are all those looks that doesn’t need to be there.

Yeah this is too detailed for one (I would advise to go back to the drawing board to pick a larger radius and fewer circles if I’m brutally honest), but a graphic like this should still be exportable if cleaned well. At this point, it’s extremely time-consuming to fix the issue unless there’s an earlier version of the file without the mangled outline structure.

Ok! Thanks for all the help. I’m going to try to bring the letters into illustrator and use the pathfinder to remove overlap so hopefully it reduces the number of nodes to be more manageable. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

That may actually increase the number of points and make things worse.

Redo the drawing with a component (still consider a bigger circle than this) and export as TTF. Consider the Keep Overlapping Components parameter.

I tried and it actually did a quite good job (reduce the number to 10000 nodes). But you are right, it might make it worse in other cases.

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