Cannot export fonts containing .notdef glyph

I’ve just updated to 2.2b (811).

I’m working on 2 Glyphs files, one for the romans and another for the italics of the same typeface. They both contain .notdef glyphs. When I try to export any of them, I’m shown the following error:

MakeOTF error
Error: "syntax error at "cent" [features.fea 39" in Class All in line: 1

If I delete .notdef, the italic fonts export fine. However, the roman ones give me another error instead:

MakeOTF error
Missing Windows default name for for feature name  nameid 256

I couldn’t crack this one.

I’ve had the “Make OTF error” occur, when I tried to compile ot features. When I delete .notdef everything seems to work. Exporting the whole font works just fine with and without .notdef though…

From a reliable source, I hear the bug is fixed in the upcoming beta. :smile:

I cannot confirm a connection with the .notdef glyph, though.


I fixed this problem.

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