Cannot open font file, *** -[__NSPlaceholderArray initWithCapacity:]: capacity (18446744073709551606) is ridiculous

Glyphs Mini reports this error when opening a 2.2 MB ttf file.

Can you send me that .ttf?


@GeorgSeifert Actually you can see the file path in the screenshot. It is the system font.

@ano try copying it to the desktop first and open it from there.

I can recreate the problem. Did you buy the app from our website or from the App store? The version from the website can be updated to a “cutting edge” version that has fixed the problem. Activate it from Preferences > Updates.

Thanks, the cutting edge version fixed the issue above. However, some glyphs in other fonts are now broken.

Also, when I first launched it, I saw this warning.

This warning is telling you that Glyphs/Mini is not compatible with the next version of macOS. But it is totally fine with the current version.

The font imports works fine for me (version 2.0.2-94, latest Xcode 11 beta)