Cannot re-name glyph

I have a glyph I try to name f.for_liga and as soon as I change it Glyphs changes the name to f_liga.for_. Is this some automagic going wild? Is f.for_liga an invalid glyph name? It seems impossible to name this glyph as I want.

The glyph name f.for_liga is interpreted as such:

  • base glyph f
  • modifier .for (or .for_)
  • ligature with glyph named liga

Glyphs tries to normalize this and that gets you the changed name. The _ character in a glyph name indicates a ligature break, like f_f_h or similar. So a similar name that is closer to Glyphs’ naming scheme would be f.forLiga:

  • base glyph f
  • modifier .forLiga

You can also use your own naming scheme by selecting the Use Custom Naming in Font InfoOther. Then, Glyphs will not normalize glyph names and instead keep them as they are.

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