Cannot rename my masters

Why can I not (or how can I) rename my masters? They are now named like “SemiLight Light Italic Italic” (see screenshot)? Is this not relevant at all? Seems just weird to me. Thanks for any help!

The name is constructed from “Weight” (Gewicht) + “Width” (Weite) + “Custom” (Benutzer). If Weight or Width are set to “Regular” they are ignored if there is anything else. And if there is an italic angle, And “Italic” is added.

Why do you have Light Italic in the Custom filed? The names of the masters do not matter much, the exported fonts will use the stile name from the Instances.

And for a font like this, you most likely don’t need four masters. I would be surprised if you need more than two (and a few brace layers).

Ok, I see the structure. I’ll just remove the Custom title then.

That’s right, I actually had only 2 masters and 2 interpolated weights. At the moment I’m making some corrections on the interpolated styles, that’s why I imported them in the same file.

Thanks for your immediate help!

What kind of correction do you do? In what glyphs?