Cannot scroll down in smart filter if it contains too many options

When you add too many options to a smart filter, the cancel and ok buttons go off screen and you are unable to scroll down to click either of them.

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How many rows do you have? Can you send me a screenshot?


More than this and the menu would flow offscreen.

Smart Filters are not intended to contain a long list of individual glyph names. Consider using tags or some other method outside the Smart Filter editor to include those glyphs as part of the smart filter.

If you can share the names of the listed glyphs or your general concept for this particular Smart Filter, I might be able to give more concrete guidance.

I found a solution for that specific scenario that didn’t involve using more than three Glyph Name filters.

It is however a bug that I’ll likely stumble upon again in a different scenario, so I thought I should at least report so it’ll get fixed before then.

I fixed it.