Cannot show layer

On the cutting edge I can now no longer shift to an alternative layer. I can click on the layer in the layers palette, but the edit window stays on whatever layer I’m on. Some times it just pops back to whatever layer I was on.

I can report that a fix is to turn the alternate layer into a normal layer, and then turn it back into an alternative layer.

Does it work with the keyboard shortcut?

Sorry, you lost me. Which keyboard shortcut?

Opt shift PgUp/Down

And this will take me up and down the layers? Didn’t know of that one.

Is that with every file or only with this one? And what happens if you open a new tab?

Good point. Does it happen after you run a certain script?

Some scripts can mess up the way the app updates is views.

Look at the shortcuts spelled out in the menus. There may be more interesting ones for you.

It has happened before, but the fault is not reproducible. It occurs once in a while.

I think I have captured a Glyphs-file in at reproducible state. I have emailed it to support@…

It is tab related. The tab somehow gets corrupted and in one or more of the glyphs you can’t change to the other layers. Closing the tab and making a new one will then work normally.