Can't access to my Glyphs file anymore!

Hi there.
I’m on a new font project and the file I’m working on seams corrupted : I can’t open it anymore !
The app crashes immediately as I try to open it, and I have an error alert inviting me to submit a report to Apple…
It sucks !
Here is the text file report :

Please help me ! :dizzy_face:

BTW I’m using the 3.0.3 (3075)

Can you try to open the app while holding down the Option and Shift key?

And can you send me the .glyphs file?

The file is fine.

And the crash report suggests that a python based plugin is causing the crash.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert !

It works when I open the app with opt+Shift.

If a Python based plugin causes the crash, how can I know which one is the bad guy ?

The quickes way is to move half of the plugins out of the plugin folder, try if it works. If it now works, the culprit is in the removed half … keep doing that remove half of them until one is left.

OK, but where are these plugins stored ?
I have just one empty “Scripts” folder in Library/Application Support/Glyphs…

And no “Glyphs 3” folder anywhere…

The plugins folder is next to the scripts folder.

I know it should be here :joy:
But as you can see, I have no plugin folder in Library/Application Support/Glyphs :

It’s in /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Bibliothèque/Application Support/Glyphs 3/

Go there by pressing Command-Shift-G in Finder or from Aller → Bibliothèque (you may need to hold down the Option key to see the “Bibliothèque” menu item).

This is in the system’s library folder. You need to look in the user library. To access your user’s Library:

  • In Finder hold down Opt and choose Go to > Library (the entry only appears if you hold down the Opt key).
  • From there, open Application Support > Glyphs 3 (note the ‘3’ at the end of the folder name).

Update: Ah, sorry, just saw that Florian had already replied while I was typing.

Great !
I could’nt actually see that library folder, it seems to be hiden by default…

Thanks to both of you, I will investigate to find the guilty plugin !

Hello can someone help me please. Ive been working for hours on my glyphs and then suddenly it all disappeared. I saved it as a glyph file but when I try to open it its blank. I don’t know what happened I tired everything but the file is blank and even the tabs that had my glyphs are blank.
Please help me

Can you send me the .glyphs file?