Can't change style of ornaments

I have a number of dingbats and ornaments in my new type family that lack unicode values. These ornaments are identical in all styles, roman & italic. I find that if I use them in Illustrator (v24.1.2), and then try to change them from one style within the family to another style within the family, I can’t: I get a brief flash of a different ornament entirely, and then they snap back to the original style.

Changing these ornaments from one style in the family to another works fine in InDesign. And if I try copying a string of ornaments from the Edit window of the Roman .glyphs file & pasting them into the Edit window of the Italics glyph file, that works fine, too: the ornaments display just fine onscreen.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you make the ornaments accessible with an opentype feature? A sub bullet from [ornamet1…] might help.

Thanks, George, but there are about 42 ornaments in the face. It seems like linking them all to standard keyboard glyphs via stylistic sets would create a lot of complexity.

I don’t really expect someone to input an ornament in one style and then try to change it to another with the expectation that the ornament would look exactly the same. I just want to know if I’ve screwed something up that might bite a user later.

just adding this line to the ornm feature should make the ornaments much more stable.

sub bullet from [ornamet1 ornamet2 ornamet3 ornamet4 …];
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Thanks, Georg!