Can't convert to compatible TrueType curves - glyph A is not compatible

Hi guys. I’m incredibly new to Glyph, only downloading it to create a typeface for a University project. I created the glyphs in Illustrator, then imported them in to glyph. It has three different weights, but I’m not sure if I’m putting the correct things in the Master info.
I went to export as a variable font, but is saying the glyph A is not compatible. I’ve had a look through the other topics on this question, but it’s very confusing for me, and don’t really understand all the terminology (I’ve read through the handbook but that hasn’t really helped).

If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Besides the handbook there are also very good tutorials on the glyphsapp website, for instance this one could help you:

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Read through multiple times! I figured out, just repeated tidy paths and correct path direction and it worked. I’m now trying to do B, but only some of the nodes/anchors are matching up. The starting points are the same, but I don’t know how to rearrange the anchors so they match across the three masters

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Hey, sometimes this happens to me. It seems that all is compatible and well, but you should also check if the ‘first nodes’ are the same ones in all masters. Sometimes it happens, different ‘first nodes’ in some masters. You can correct that by pressing the right mouse button while the node is selected and choosing ‘make node first’. Hope it helps!

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Thank you for the help. I’d already made sure all the starting nodes were in the right place, but it turns out I had unequal amounts of nodes in each of the masters, so I just went through and added/deleted where needed!