Can't convert to compatible TrueType curves

How can I fix this? It shows in more glyphs.
Otherwise, there is an another bug. This one more strange…

First image is in Glyphs, the second one the last version of Illustrator, when the ttf is installed, this error appear just in the start point of some glyphs.

Could you send me the .glyphs file?

Do you have zero handles (=retracted control points) in the drawing? Consider the plug-in ‘Fix Zero Handles’.

And which version of Glyphs are you running?

Of course! How can I do to send you the file? :sweat_smile:

I’ll look the plug-in, thanks!
Is the latest version, 2.5.

Please send the file to support at this domain or by PM in the forum.

I don’t have zero handles, I sent the .glyphs file to support. Thanks!
By the way, there are four masters because it’s thinked to be a variable font, and this bug doesn’t let me export the variable, if I delete the glyphs with the first error missage the variable font has the second error, just like the simple ttf.