Can't copy and paste from Illustrator

I’m trying to copy paste my glyphs from illustrator towards the glyphs app (trail version) , and in the afternoon it worked all fine. Until now for some reason i can’t copy paste anything no glyphs, no simple circle.

I didn’t change anything in illustrator/glyphs settings as far as I know; the glyphs app is in de edit mode (v)

And also checked the other topics and this tutorial but nothing seems to help so far… very frustrating.


What tool is active in Glyphs?

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the V (select) tool

Can you send a screenshot of the whole Glyphs window?

Somehow after I closed the app / illustrator CC. Rest it for a couple of days and today I could copy paste glyphs like the period; lowercase h. So i reworked my lowercase g and it seems all fine for now :slight_smile: