Can't create some component glyphs (v. 2.5-1131)


Unfortunately the Glyphs 2.5-1131 and the latest cutting edge version can’t create some component glyphs.
I’ve been using the Glyphs from version 2.4.4-1075. In that version, this function worked well.

When I created Western European glyphs and Central European glyphs and South Eastern European glyphs, the following 4 combining marks won’t be created:

  • strokeshortcomb
  • strokelongcomb
  • slashshortcomb
  • slashlongcomb

Because of this I have a problem to create the following glyphs:
Eth (and Dcaron), Hbar, Lslash, Oslash, Tbar, dcroat, hbar, lslash, oslash, tbar.

I saw the different Glyphs version make different numbers of glyphs.
I think this is a bug.
How can I create the referred glyphs?


We decided that they are not that useful. They are supposed to be used with the o as oslash but that doesn’t work so you need to draw your own slash.

Thank you for your reply. You may be right. Then why create these glyphs?
Eth (and Dcaron), Hbar, Lslash, Oslash, Tbar, dcroat, hbar, lslash, oslash, tbar.
If those not useful, please don’t create these. It’s disturbing for beginners.
Because I get more than ten unfinished or empty glyphs.
That doesn’t make sense without four combining markers. (strokeshortcomb, strokelongcomb, slashshortcomb, slashlongcomb)
How can I figure out, which I need to draw manually? Ok, now I got to know to draw oslash. I would like still to trust your opinion and experience.

If you want to create those glyphs via the Glyphs > Add Glyphs… menu (Shift-Command-G), then enter the names separated by spaces in that dialog. Note that any pre-composed glyphs made up of other glyphs are merely guidance (a starting point), not definitive. As a designer, you will likely want to make adjustments either to placement or design.

@GeorgSeifert: I suspect the confusion comes from when one of those glyphs is created the component reference is included since the decompose attribute in the GlyphData still references the stroke/slash glyphs. Perhaps the GlyphData should be updated for those glyphs.

Those glyphs are important to have. It is only not that useful to build them from general overlay slash/stroke glyphs.

Glyphs will still put in the components only if they are in the font.

Thank you.

Thank you. This means, if I want a wide latin (western, central and south eastern) language support, I need to create the all glyphs what we discussed above?

FYI I still create these marks, but often with extra variants to differentiate the target compounds, like slashshortcomb.l etc. And I set them to not export.

Perhaps I’ll do a tutorial about it.


I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Could you send me a notification, as soon as it’s finished?
Thanks in advance.

I don’t think there is a benefit from using this overlay glyphs. Neither as actual glyphs (nobody is typing them) and as components as you can’t reuse them as they are different for each base letter)

Ok, thank you.

The benefit is that you are not mixing paths and components and profit from automatic alignment. If it is a Unicoded mark or a _part glyph, and whether they export or not, is a secondary thought.

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