Can't export font because of multiple errors

I can’t export my font:

  • When the Remove Overlap option is selected, I get a Something went wrong with the Remove Overlap filter error.
  • When the Autohint option is selected, I get a There was a problem autohinting the glyph error.
  • When none are selected, I get a There was a problem converting the PostScript source font.

I’m new to font design, I don’t know what Remove Overlay nor Autohint does, and even without doing those, I can’t export my font. Please help.

After researching the subject, I can say for sure that my font is too inconsistent to have hints, and I don’t have any overlap. So I can safely disable both options. But of course, I’m still getting this There was a problem converting the PostScript source font error. Isn’t there a way to find out more about the error?

Is this a typeface where the glyphs have lots of points?

The glyphs have about 100 points each, which doesn’t sound like a lot to me. Here is the glyph file:

I would try to add the Disable subroutines custom parameter in the font info panel.

Once I did this, the font exports correctly. Can you explain why that resolved it? I’d like to understand.

I can export the file just fine without any problems, Disable subroutines or not.

Maybe this was a bug that was fixed in the recent cutting edge versions. Here is how to get it: Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.

PostScript subroutines are explained in the Complex Outlines tutorial.

It works in the latest stable version, too.

Weird. I’m on the latest stable (Version 2.6.1 (1230)), and it will not export without Disable subroutines. I don’t know if it’s related but I’m on macOS Catalina beta 2.

That is the not supported. Remove Overlap and autohint can’t run on 10.15 and there tools are not tested yet. So I strongly advise not to you beta OSes for production work.

Thanks for letting me know and sorry for wasting your time on this issue :slight_smile: