Can't export/generate font :-(

No matter what I try - I simply can’t export/create a font with Glyphs - which of course is frustrating - I extra purchased it today to work on a font under Lion and to finally trash FontLab.

Font was created with FontLab und never had problems before.

That’s what Glyphs Mini tells me:
Error: “Glyph “sixth” not in font” in Feature frac in line: 14
No File was created. The reason is unknown.

And that’s what Gluphs tells me:

cmap{plat=3,script=1,lang=0}: multiple glyphs Tcommaaccent uni021A mapped to code <21a>
No File was created. The reason is unknown.

So - what am I missing?

Thanks in advance, Michael.

This happens when you import a font.

The error message from Glyphs Mini shows a bug. I will fix that. For now, mark the glyph “onesixth” as not exporting.

The error message from Glyphs says that you have two glyphs with the same unicode. One is called Tcommaaccent and the other uni021A. There is one with a cedilla and one with a commaaccent. Change the name accordingly. There are a few wore pairs like this. The tcommaaccent+un021B and some greek letters and math symbols (Omega+Ohm…)