Can't export the OTVar because my f glyph is not compatible

Hi! I wanted to export my variable font, but it says that my F glyphs is not compatible. I already activated the enforce compability check, but nothing happens. I also has my glyphs app into the newest version. What should I do?

and I also can’t run the OTVar player script. I already restart for several times after I installed the script. I also tried to re-installed it again for several times.

Can you send me the file?

sure! how do I send the file?

Send a link to the file as a direct message in the forum or by email at support at this domain (without www).

okay, I sent the file by email!

There is a small outside overlap that is removed in one master but not the others.

Remove that point that sticks out in all masters and it will work.

omg :upside_down_face: Thankyou so much! I didn’t realize that