Can't export var woff2 after changing something about the vertical metrics

yesterday in my varible font, I played around with the vertical metrics along the masters, then reverted my changes with ⌘Z and afterwards I could only export variable ttf and variable woff but no longer variable woff2. Also there is no error message. I assume my file got corrupted. I sent it to the support@ e-mail adress. Could you please have a look. Desperate. Should have versioned my file! D’oh.
Thank you,

woff2 will sometimes refuse because the compression fails. In a similar case there was nothing we could do, we tried the fonttools woff2 conversion and it simply didn’t work.

Which Glyphs version are you running?

We solved it in a private message. Somehow one layer was corrupted that it would produce an invalid glif table. I’m still investigating.

Not sure if it is related to this issue, but I realised that last year, I did run into a similar problem that a brace layer broke the export without error message and I found no way to fix it.

Back then, the only solution I found was to create a duplicate glyph, reinstate the brace layers and copy+paste all outlines there and delete the old glyph, then renamed the new duplicate glyphe to be the main glyph. So it contained the same set-up and outlines but the export worked again.