Can't export VF due to rlig

Hey, I cannot export my variable font anymore, as I get the following error:

Core > Condition range (180-180) too small. Found in: feature 'rlig', line 1.

However, my rlig statement is this:


condition 130 < wght;

sub Q by Q.bold;

sub eth by eth.bold;


All axes are given correct values and even removing the feature and restarting Glyphs returns the same error. I’m a bit confused, because with a previous version (currently 3133) it was working I think and I didn’t (knowingly) change anything.

Thanks for any help!

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Do you have a Bracket layer somewhere in the font (you can use a smart filter in Font View for finding all the special layers)? Double check its settings.

Hello, I’ve the same problem.
I have some brackets layer in my font. (dollar, etc…)

Also would you know where is the 'line 5" and the “rlig” feature ? I can’t localise it in the list.



Open the Script Menu and click “Show Script Folder”. Next to it, you find a temp folder. Inside you find a folder for each font you exported. Inside you find the feature.fea and inside you find the rlig feature with that line 5.

Thanks a lot Georg.