Cant export web(-icon)-fonts

Hi all,

I got an icon-font and can not export to ‘web-font’.

I have the following errors:

– Problem with ttfautohint.
– No glyph for a standard character to
– derive standard width and height.
– Please check the documentation for a list
– of script-specific standard characters,
– or use option `–symbol’.

after ‘check-out’ the autohinting function I got this:

– Problem compressing to EOT

I have checked the generated ‘web-fonts’ in google-chrome:

‘woff’ works, ‘eot’ not

this error occurred only since Version 2.0.0 (633) …

There was indeed a small issue. I fixed it.
And autohinting is not a good idea for icon fonts.


I’ve been thinking that ‘autohint’ for ‘icons’ is no good idea,
but thank you I will keep in mind to deactivate this option.

How can I get the fixed version? De-install an re-install the newest version again?

I didn’t upload the update. Will do that tomorrow.