Can't generate f_i or f_j ligatures

Pressing Cancel or Generate does nothing and window doesn’t go away. The only way is to relaunch app entirely. Only these 2 ligatures trigger it. Letters themselves are totally fine.


P.S. Added and named ligature manually. But when I add “liga” feature and check “generate automatically”, it disappears…

I fixed the generation problem.

The standard liga feature only contains the standard “f” ligatures (fi, fl, f_f, f_f_i, f_f_l). All other will go to the dlig feature.
Notice that the fi and fl ligature has no underscore. The is an exception from because fi and have and unicode and can be typed from the mac keyboard. So they are handled as normal letters.

So rename the f_i to fi and f_j to f_j.liga.

Thank you, the feature works now.
But what’s up with not being able to create neither “f_i” nor “fi” from Add Glyphs menu?

As I said there was a bug and I fixed it.

I’ve read that wrong, sorry.