Can't get my font to be work in Microsoft Word


Hi ! The line lookup lookup kern_latn; don’t work but lookup kern_latin; yes !

But when i export it make an error… I don’t understand why ! And in the fea file i haven’t the lookup line…



Are you sure you have kerning in your font at all? It should show up in the features.fea.


Yes i have kerning !


Can you try the latest versions and send me the .glyphs file?


@GeorgSeifert Yes of course ! Thanks to you but i can’t send you my file because “new user can not upload attachments.”… Can you give me you email ?


Send a dropbox link in a direct message or by email.


Thanks for the file. The problem is the custom code in the dist feature. You do not have any “default” kerning and misspelled the other lookup name.
The dist feature should look like this:

lookup kern_latn; 


And if you would add an italic angle (something like 39°) the spacing would be much easier. Then you will see that the right side bearing of n and h are quite different despite the very similar shape. The pair n+h shouldn’t need a kerning pair. That has to be fixed by spacing alone.


I also had a look and was just going to post the same. The spacing needs attention. Much of the kerning is unnecessary. You should be able to put Metrics Keys to a good use:


OK so concretely I must remove all kerning and I start again with the method on the link? When you say “default” kerning, do you mean kerning grouped with other letters?


no, you don’t need this line lookup kern_DFLT; because you don’t have kerning between any non letters.