Can't get path.nodes[-1] in open path

I’ve just noticed that path.nodes[-1] no longer returns the final node in the path and gives None instead. Could you fix that please?

I made the python wrapper work like the internal code. In what context do you need this?

Noodler stopped working. Currently I’m using it a lot. Stitcher may not work anymore either, which I have used in my work before. How am I supposed to access the last node now?

I meant why do you need the last node and not the one before that or why not iterating over all nodes.

lastNode = path.nodes[len(path.nodes) - 1]

I just need to understand the context. I restore the old behaviour

Because I need to check/modify connection & type of the last node and sometimes second last. If len(path.nodes)-1 works, I can fix my codes but [-1] feels much more natural to me. I do not know or care how Objective-C deals with this, I just expect Python things to work like in Python.

I had a problem iterating all nodes (Segment type - NSArray object has not attribute 'type') and for me, it makes more sense that way. I‘ll fix it.

I see, I wasn’t aware of that. If you could actually fix it, that’ll be fantastic.