Can't get the acute to work properly?

So I’m currently working on my quotesingle, and I think I’ve managed to get it right inside the glyphs app, however as soon as I export it and test it out in Figma it defaults back to the “placeholder” quotesingle (the quotesingle that glyphs creates if you haven’t created one yourself)

Does someone know why it’s doing this? Thanks in advance.

How are you typing the quote? Normally when you type a quote (shift + #) it writes a dumb (single) quote.

What happens if you copy paste this:

And what is the glyph name of your single quote?

Ah yes, this solved it! Didn’t actually know there was a glyph called “quoteright”

Interesting though that the *'-key creates a different glyph depending on if you write it in Glyphs or in Figma.

Thank you so much for the help!! :smile:

The key you type is the same in all apps. But some apps do smart quote replacement. You should be able to disable it in the context menu of the text view you are typing in.

Ah, thanks for the clarification! :blush: