Can't import or move RTL kernings


For some reasons I’m working with Fontlab Studio and Glyphs at the same time, on the very same file, in the Arabic script.
When we open the Glyphs 2 files in FontLab, the kernings are fully imported. But for Glyphs 3 files, RTL kernings are not imported in Fontlab.

In Glyphs, when the number of masters is large, manually moving the kerning from the previous file is annoying.
I also tried the import metrics option and mekkablue, but these only imports the classes.

Is there a solution to display RTL kernings in fontlab?
Or a way in Glyphs to import all the kernings at once from another Glyphs file?


You should be able to set the file version to Glyphs 2 in Font Info > Other. That should produce the same file as when saved from Glyphs 2. But not all Glyphs 3 features are supported.

FontLab would need to updated their .glyphs file im/export. There are several issues with it that are not fixed for some time.

What feature do you use in FontLab?

I had previously tried to set the version to 2, but it gave an error related to RTL kerning. Anyway it worked now!

I have worked in FontLab for many years and I am used to it. In general, it has more features, or maybe more accessible. Of course, it is a bit crowded and confusing.
but It is much easier for me to create forms and work with variable in Fontlab.