Can't modify side bearings and other parameters on the glyph window

I haven’t found the answer to this yet.
When I am designing a glyph, the menu below with the kerning group, the side bearings, the width and all, I click them but I can’t modify the numbers or parameters in them. Neither the width of a glyph or write kerning values in the text window. I click on the parameters but nothing changes, it’s kept grey.
I can’t change any of the parameters you can see in the image below. This makes designing but specially, side bearings and kerning very hard. I’ve searched but I don’t think there is any setting changed.
Thank you of your helo

I cannot reproduce this. Changing sidebearings and kerning works for me as expected. Can you please:

  • tell us the exact version of Glyphs you are using?
  • download the free Quickcast and make a short screencast of an attempt to change the SBs?

I assume you have watched the spacing video on the Get Started page and read the Spacing tutorial.

I understand, at work it all works perfectly but at home, on my personal computer it doesn’t and it’s the only thing that doesn’t work, the resto of the software works perfectly.
I watched the spicing tutorial bu it doesn’t work as expected, once again just in my personal computer.
I will write later with the exact version and I will do the screen cast since it’s a little hard to explain with images. Thank you

You have the same version on both machines?
How does it not work. Can’t you type in the fields or does it revert to the previous values. Or does it give an error message.

What keyboard layout do you have on both machines?

I have Glyphs 2.4 on my home laptop, the one that has the side bearings problems. I click on the fields but I can’t change the value. I write or erase but It doesn’t work. also happens with the width of an object. My laptop is a Mac Book Pro 13 that is five years-old. I just sent the video of the problem to the support email.
Thank you for everything.